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Personal Injury & Car Accidents Attorney in Henderson, Tennessee

Maximizing Compensation For Auto Accidents & Personal Injury

One of the most critical times to work with a good lawyer is after your life has been turned upside down by a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, serious fall or other injury-causing event.

Every day in the Henderson area, someone’s mistake or reckless behavior seriously hurts someone else. It can be an overwhelming challenge for victims to get the money needed to pay medical bills, replace lost wages and handle other consequences of the accident. To help ensure your rights are protected and you get the compensation you deserve, I encourage you to contact me at Tatum & Tatum today.

Experienced in Many Accident Types

I have represented many people hurt in car wrecks and other motor vehicle accidents, taking each case seriously and prioritizing my client’s maximum recovery. This requires knowledge of personal injury law and insurance law, plus the ability to investigate and prove what happened.

Let's Seek Fair Compensation

My capabilities cover:

  • All types of Tennessee car accidents, with causes ranging from drunk driving or cell phone use to running stop signs and other driving errors

  • Motorcycle accidents and collisions involving semi-trucks, which often result in life-changing injuries or a tragic wrongful death

  • Slip-and-fall and tripping accidents at a business or on other dangerous property

  • Challenges after a settlement, including a client being blind-sided by a lien or counter-lawsuit by an insurance company pursuing what they call “subrogation”

My decades of experience include many hard-fought trials. Insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys often recognize that my reputation is built on solid case preparation. In my view, the only way to get the best settlement for you is to start getting ready for a possible trial from day one — getting the facts right, documenting the total impact of your injuries and lining up experts if needed.

No Fee Unless You Win a Recovery

Whether you are suffering from whiplash, broken bones, or a life-changing brain injury or spinal cord injury, getting all the money you are entitled to after a car accident can be an overwhelming challenge. To work with a lawyer who stands up to insurance companies and has won many substantial settlements, contact Tatum & Tatum today. You will pay no attorney fee unless you win financial compensation.