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Estate Administration & Probate Attorney in Henderson, Tennessee

Thorough Estate Administrations & Probate Services

During an enormous time of grief, it can be overwhelming to face the court process and procedures that are necessary to administer the estate of a loved one. The probate process is highly technical and I guide clients through each step to provide families with the peace of mind that family legacies are handled properly.

Probate administration involves more than just the transfer of assets to the appropriate heirs and beneficiaries. It often involves handling family legacies and memories. You deserve to work with an attorney who will do the hard work necessary to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Prepared to Address Your Concerns

At Tatum & Tatum in Henderson, Tennessee, I have helped countless families settle the affairs of their loved ones. I am passionate about working with clients to help ease the transitions that legal problems bring and to ensure that real estate, assets and other property interests are handled with care. It is important to ensure that all assets are properly titled to ensure that the transition is handled effectively and efficiently.

Don't Navigate Probate Alone

Every step of the way, I strive to work with clients to facilitate a smooth transition. I will take the legal burdens off your shoulders to allow you and your family. I am committed to thorough representation in all elements of the probate process, such as:

  • Located the will and ensuring that it is properly authenticated

  • Ensuring the proper executor or personal representative is appointed

  • Gathering assets

  • Notifying potential creditors, heirs and beneficiaries

  • Addressing debts of the estate

  • Ensuring that assets are properly titled

  • Distributing assets

Let Me Help You with Probate Transitions

As a compassionate attorney who is committed to solving problems and easing transitions, you can rest assured that every detail will be properly addressed. To arrange a confidential consultation with an experienced probate lawyer in a calm setting, please contact Tatum & Tatum today.