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Traffic Violations Attorney in Henderson, Tennessee

Experienced Representation for Tennessee Traffic Violations

Being pulled over in Henderson, Decaturville, Jackson, or anywhere in Tennessee can seem like a minor inconvenience. However, a conviction for any kind of traffic violation can lead to long-term consequences. Many traffic offenses carry points that will impact your driving record and can cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket. For truck drivers and other professional drivers, a traffic offense such as reckless driving can adversely impact your livelihood.

Many people think drunk driving charges, speeding tickets and other traffic violations are too difficult to beat. Do not fall into that trap. When you work with Tatum & Tatum in Henderson to challenge an accusation of a moving violation, you will work directly with a lawyer who has more than 30 years of experience. I am Lloyd Tatum. Prior to entering private practice, I gained valuable experience as a prosecutor. For decades, I have stood strong to protect driving privileges in traffic court. My experience in local courtrooms in Tennessee allows me to analyze traffic violations in context.

Don't Let a Traffic Violation Impact Your Future

Specific Concerns for Professional Drivers with a CDL

If your job requires a commercial driver’s license, I understand the concerns you are facing after being accused of any kind of traffic violation. Points against your privilege to drive can threaten your job. It is just that clear. I have substantial experience working with drivers who need to keep their driving records clear. I explore every opportunity to achieve favorable results to that end.

Fighting a ticket at trial is not always the best defense to a traffic ticket. I will fully analyze the unique circumstances surrounding your traffic stop to ensure your rights are protected. However, there may be creative solutions available in each unique case. I evaluate the type of offense, the points that may attach and any available opportunities to reduce or modify the charge in light of Tennessee and federal CDL laws. My goal is to minimize the damage to protect clients and their driving privileges through dismissal of the charges or amendments to the charges. My local courtroom experience is invaluable in understanding all of the potential legal options to keep you on the road.

Talk with a Defense Lawyer to Learn Your Legal Options

If you have been accused of a traffic offense in Tennessee, you deserve to understand your legal options. To speak with a respected attorney who is driven to provide straightforward advice and vigorous advocacy, contact Tatum & Tatum. Based in Henderson-Chester County, I represent clients from Madison County to Hardin County to Decatur County and all points in between.